Overcamp Public Houses

OVERCAMP is unique in the Shire of Wenchoster in having more public houses within its bounds than any other village or hamlet. Local historians attribute this to the friction between the hamlets during the sixteenth century during the Hop Laws, or the monastic heritage of the Shaston Farthing nunnery (reputed to have produced eleven brands of ale, three wines, a primitive whiskey and a mead of dubious report.) There is also the possibility that the inhabitants of Overcamp, past and present, are lush dipsomaniacs.

ST. ALICE'S ARMS is situated next to the parish church of St. Alice the Hapless (Samaritan Freephone in Belfry) on Broadwench Lane.  Plush lounge bar with velveteen chairs.  Luncheon sandwiches.  Selection of local chutneys.  French-style toilets.  Bishop's Topple on draught.

THE NAUTICAL POSER is in the small hamlet of Fourpenny One, conveniently located for access to the Lovers' Moor footpath. Named after local 18th century designer of naval uniforms. Private meeting rooms upstairs. Low beams. Pickled eggs each Friday. Open drains. Children and small furry animals welcome most days.


THE RAUNCHY RECTOR in Twopenny Weasel is named after the Reverend Winston Tyckle (1802-1895) who combined traditional Prayer Book worship with bacchanalian romanticism. Close to Old Roger's Cottage (National Trust) on Rough Ride Road. Copper spittoons. Wenchostershire's largest selection of potato crisps. Outside privy. Old Roger's Stout on draught. Dogs Welcome.


THE CHOPPER in Nine Bob Note is renowned for its ferret-racing and collection of stuffed stoats on the wall of the public bar. Bar skittles and dominoes. Odd sandwiches. Large, convenient landlady. Toilets famous. Bottled ales only.


THE STRANGLED SWAN is in Major Winkle, a recent housing development in Overcamp. Guest lagers at weekend. Wipeable plastic seats. Juke box. Modern, self-flushing toilets. Children's play area near swamp. No horses.


THE PASSOVER in Double Bends dates back to the 19th century Overcamp Synagogue which closed in 1903. Fine selection of Lebanese wines. Segregated seating. No pork scratchings. Closed Saturdays.